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USMCR stuff I mentioned a while back. Interestingly enough, the Navy Department was in the midst of reorganizing the scattered USMCR units, most of them battalions and companies, into the 4th Division in 1961/1962. So while the units had been reorganized, they didn't receive a higher division HQ until 1966. Wartime exigencies have changed things a bit for Twilight 1964.

The surplus of units not earmarked for the 4th Marine Division provides enough for a nucleus to the 5th Marine Division, purely of my own invention. Numbers in parenthesis approximate strength at mobilization based on Spring 1962 reporting, Officers/Enlisted. Below the line with parenthesis (Forum doesn't like tab overs) are what units either DoD/Navy reorganized for the 4th Marine Division, or I combined for the 5th. Also of my own invention are any of the units identified as "Marine Battalion [Location Name]", which existed in my notes to help concentrate units for re-flagging.

Marine Corps Reserve mobilized formations, based on Reserve Posture Hearings, Committee on Armed Services, 87th Congress, 2nd Session

Mobilization of the 4th Marine Division
1st Battalion, 23rd Marines (38/860)
6th Infantry Battalion: Houston, TX
13th Rifle Company: Austin, TX
33rd Rifle Company: Beaumont, TX
37th Rifle Company: Port Arthur, TX
2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines (34/642)
15th Infantry Battalion: Santa Monica, CA
15th Rifle Company: seal Beach, CA
82nd Rifle Company: Compton, CA
67th Rifle Company: Port Hueneme, CA
3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines (25/538)
7th Infantry Battalion: San Bruno, CA
9th Truck Company: Stockton, CA
14th Rifle Company: San Rafael, CA
35th Rifle Company: Santa Rosa, CA

1st Battalion, 24th Marines (27/796)
5th Infantry Battalion: Detroit, MI
50th Rifle Company: Lansing, MI
51st Rifle Company: Flint, MI
2nd Reconnaissance Battalion: Toledo, OH
2nd Battalion, 24th Marines (35/746)
9th Infantry Battalion: Chicago, IL
10th Infantry Battalion: Forest Park, IL
3rd Reconnaissance Company: Great Lakes, IL
3rd Battalion, 24th Marines (28/526)
2nd Anti-Tank Company: Gulfport, MS
4th Infantry Battalion: New Orleans, LA
29th Rifle Company: Lafayette, LA
Baton Rouge Army Reserve Center

1st Battalion, 25th Marines (38/679)
1st Rifle Company: Springfield, MA
2nd Infantry Battalion: Boston, MA
18th Rifle Company: Manchester, NH
70th Rifle Company: Hartford, CT
2nd Battalion, 25th Marines (46/826)
1st Infantry Battalion: Garden City, NY
2nd Rifle Company: New Rochelle, NY
7th Rifle Company: Dover, NJ
46th Rifle Company: Albany, NY
3rd Battalion, 25th Marines (33/747)
4th 105mm Howitzer Battalion: Akron, OH
11th Infantry Battalion: Cleveland, OH
74th Rifle Company: Mansfield, OH
88th Rifle Company: Columbus, OH

1st Battalion, 14th Marines (30/521)
8th Howitzer Battalion (105mm): Los Angeles, CA
5th Gun Battery (155mm Gun): Pico-Rivers, CA
2nd Battalion, 14th Marines (25/409)
5th 105mm Howitzer Battalion: Dallas, TX
90th Rifle Company: Wichita Falls, TX
3rd Battalion, 14th Marines (30/534)
7th 105mm Howitzer Battalion: Philadelphia, PA
5th 155mm Howitzer Battery: Reading, PA
3rd 155mm Battery: Trenton, NJ
4th Battalion, 14th Marines (25/348)
3rd Howitzer Battalion (105mm): Birmingham, AL
1st Howitzer Battery (105mm): Chattanooga, TN

4th Amphibious Tractor Battalion (25/542)
1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion: Tampa, FL
1st Tank Company: Tallahassee, FL
2nd Amphibious tractor company: Jacksonville, FL
99th Rifle Company: West Palm Beach, FL
4th Anti-Tank Battalion (13/284)
A Company (Reinforced): Rome, GA
1st Anti-Tank Company
B Company (Reinforced): Tulare, CA
6th Anti-Tank Company
C Company (Reinforced): Amarillo, TX
4th Anti-Tank Company
Headquarters Battalion
Communications Company: Cincinnati, OH (11/298)
4th Medical Battalion (8/58)
B Company: Los Angeles, CA
4th Motor Transport Battalion (22/179)
1st Motor Transport Battalion: Atlanta, GA
4th Pioneer Battalion (23/469)
1st Engineer Battalion: Baltimore, MD
8th Rifle Company: Lynchburg, VA
4th Reconnaissance Battalion (19/437)
14th Infantry Battalion: San Antonio, TX
1st Reconnaissance Battalion: Corpus Christi, TX
4th Tank Battalion (15/205)
C Company (Reinforced): Mattydale, NY

Mobilization of the 5th Marine Division
1st Battalion, 26th Marines (36/820)
3rd Infantry Battalion
Part of Marine Battalion McAlester
2nd Battalion, 26th Marines (35/820)
8th Infantry Battalion
Part of Marine Battalion McAlester
3rd Battalion, 26th Marines (36/820)
Marine Battalion Crane
Part of Marine Battalion McAlester

1st Battalion, 27th Marines (34/991)
26th Infantry Battalion
Marine Battalion Sampson
2nd Battalion, 27th Marines (32/837)
93rd Infantry Battalion
Part Marine Battalion Portsmouth
3rd Battalion, 27th Marines (31/833)
Marine Battalion Farragut
Part Marine Battalion Portsmouth

1st Battalion, 28th Marines (40/748)
12th Infantry Battalion
2nd Battalion, 28th Marines (28/712)
Marine Battalion A.P. Hill
3rd Battalion, 28th Marines (35/747)
Marine Battalion Lockbourne

1st Battalion, 13th Marines (29/500)
1st 105mm Howitzer Battalion: Richmond, VA
5th 105mm Howitzer Battery: San Francisco, CA
6th 105mm Howitzer Battery: Canton, OH
1st 155mm Howitzer Battery: Newport, RI
2nd Battalion, 13th Marines (29/466)
6th 105mm Howitzer Battalion: Providence, RI
2nd 105mm Howitzer Battery: Jackson, MS
7th 105mm howitzer Battery: Waterloo, IA
3rd Battalion, 13th Marines (30/491)
2nd 155mm Howitzer Battery: Texarkana, TX
3rd 155mm Howitzer Battery: Connellsville, PA
4th 155mm Howitzer Battery: Raleigh, NC
5th 155mm Howitzer Battery: Joliet, IL
8th 155mm Howitzer Battery: Spokane, WA
4th Battalion, 13th Marines (19/463)
4th 155mm Gun Battery (Reinforced): Denver, CO
7th 155mm Gun Battery: Bakersfield, CA
4th 8in Howitzer Battery: Fort Worth, TX

5th Motor Transport Battalion: Memphis, TN (17/225)
3rd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (10/206)
5th Engineer Battalion (11/442)
5th Anti-Tank Battalion (7/239)
3rd Anti-Tank Company: Midland, TX
5th Anti-Tank Company: Pueblo, CO
7th Anti-Tank Company: Yakima, WA
5th Tank Battalion (21/276)
1st Tank Battalion: San Diego, CA
6th Communications Company: Alameda, CA (7/189)

Fleet Marine Force Reserve
3rd Force Reconnaissance Company (5/98)
1st Reconnaissance Company: Mobile, AL
4th Force Reconnaissance Company (4/118)
4th Reconnaissance Company: San Bernardino, CA
5th Force Reconnaissance Company (6/134)
2nd Reconnaissance Company: Albuquerque, NM
2nd Engineer Company: Lynn, MA (8/149)
3rd Engineer Company: Youngstown, OH (7/156)
5th Engineer Company: Roanoke, VA (6/133)
6th Engineer Company: Knoxville, TN (6/108)
8th Engineer company: Orlando, FL (6/128)
9th Engineer Company: phoenix, AZ (8/162)
10th Engineer Company: Portland, ME (4/74)
12th Engineer Company: Tucson, AZ (5/88)
3rd Engineer Maintenance Company (5/90)
86th Rifle Company: Lincoln, NE
4th Engineer Battalion (30/465)
3rd Engineer Battalion: Portland, OR
2nd 155mm gun battery: Eugene, OR
3rd 155mm gun battery: Salem, OR
4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (14/288)
2nd Howitzer battalion (105MM): Miami, FL
1st Communications Maintenance Company (10/194)
9th Communications Company: Freemansburg, PA
2nd Communications Maintenance Company (9/251)
2nd Communications Company: Brooklyn, NY
3rd Communications Maintenance Company: Wichita, KS (4/94)
1st Radio Relay Company (9/168)
8th Communications Company: Indianapolis, IN
2nd Radio Relay Company (7/132)
1st Communications Company: Worcester, MA
6th Communications Company: Alameda, CA (7/189)
7th Communications Company: Huntington, NY
4th Communications Battalion (33/632)
2nd Communications Support Battalion: Chicago, IL
3rd Communications Company: Rochester, NY
22nd Rifle Company: Winston-Salem, NC
85th Rifle Company: Greensboro, NC
5th Communications Battalion (5/145)
1st Communications Support Battalion: Fort Schuyler, NY
1st Air Delivery Company: San Jose, CA (7/205)
1st Combat Service Support Battalion: Norfolk, VA (11/191)
2nd Motor Transport Maintenance Company (11/146)
3rd Motor Transport Battalion: Wyoming, PA
3rd Motor Transport Maintenance Company (4/127)
6th Truck Company: Sacramento, CA
4th Motor Transportation Maintenance Company (5/102)
8th Truck Company: Dayton, OH
5th Motor Transport Maintenance Company (2/60)
87th Rifle Company: Abilene, TX
6th Motor Transport Maintenance Company (5/106)
2nd Truck Company: Augusta, GA
1st Ordnance Field Maintenance Company: Columbia, PA (4/74)
2nd Ordnance Maintenance Company
2nd Ordnance Field Maintenance Company: Moline, IL (6/97)
3rd Ordnance Field Maintenance Company: Lawrence, MA (4/80)
6th Ordnance Field Maintenance Company (2/73)
72nd Rifle Company: Lima, OH
1st Truck Company: Tulsa, OK (5/128)
3rd Truck Company: New Haven, CT (6/124)
4th Truck Company: Erie, PA (5/76)
5th Truck Company: Charlotte, NC (8/135)
7th Truck Company: Charlottesville, VA (6/77)
4th Motor Transport Battalion: Philadelphia, PA (16/265)
5th Motor Transport Battalion: Memphis, TN (17/225)
6th Motor Transport Battalion (22/377)
2nd Motor Transport Battalion: Port Newark, NJ

If anyone prefers this in the formatted PDF or Word form let me know.
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