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I'm working from memory here in regards to both the Twilight War and the situation in the real world for the relevant time period so feel free to correct any errors!

The Soviets signed a 25 year lease with Vietnam for the use of Cam Ranh Bay in 1979 and expanded the base to about four times it's size when the US controlled it. The Russian government made a further leasing agreement in 1993 for use by the Russian navy.

In regards to the T2k situation, the Soviets don't have any direct land access to Vietnam so North Korea may be the most significant "friendly" port for the resupply etc. etc. of the Soviet naval forces based in Cam Ranh Bay. I'm inclined to think that this would make any decision regarding Soviet co-operation with North Korea very important for the Soviet war effort.
Which probably increases the need for the Soviets to mitigate (or even negate) any possible Japanese and/or Taiwanese & Philippines interferance with the shipping of Soviet resources to the Soviet fleet at Cam Ranh Bay (let alone trying to remove any threat by the Chinese to such operations).

I think with all that plus what we now know of Chinese long term plans to increase their presence in the Pacific, that part of the world would be very busy indeed.
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