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Default he.he.he!

Originally Posted by Rupert Willies View Post
Just one question:
Was he a Jürgen a Blowjob Jockey in training? What was he doing in a BJJ-Dojo otherwise? Buying services?!§? Are we getting paid to rescue this guy from a nachspiel (afterparty for those not fluent in Norwegian/German) that went awry, like that of Boy George?

WHAT'S THE DEAL HERE? I'm talking to you, HQ! Friend of yours??
Heard of white slavery? Well-lets just say that it is easier to get you to go down there if you think you are going on a "mission".

Wise guy flyboys are in high demand among the filthier rich guys.

BJJ-Brazillian Jiu Jiutsu . If you havent watched a few matches already - get on it man !

Manaus is probably going to be a big brawl...
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