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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
In my own version, there is a contact with the Kennedy administration and there is some military contact through carefully selected officers to provide key training and logistical support, with some funding through the Black Ops budgets. This was always kept low-key and with the assassinations of the brothers, this support is quietly terminated by the Project.
But why have this at all? I mean, it is back story the players will never hear with benefits they will never see. Government involvement adds risk and wealth and control and politics and lots of issues that are probably worse for the Project than any benefit. A few carefully-placed moles, perhaps, to influence (or warn about) investigations and to creatively misplace some paperwork, but anything higher and you start leaving yourself open to hard-to-answer questions.

Remember, the goals of the Project are not the goals of the US government, and that would make any real level of knowing cooperation difficult.
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