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Originally Posted by .45cultist View Post
Has anyone looked at the Challenge No. 66 article "Yearning for Antiquity"?
Yes, and they seem slightly underpowered; the Heavy Self Bow is noted as a 45-60 pound draw. That's legal for hunting deer and will reliably take them down, but Game has 6 hits and the HSB does 1d6+1 damage, so it only has a 33% chance of cleanly killing a deer. Such a bow would likely be 2d6 in my modified system, and have a 72% chance of taking down a deer with one hit.

Originally Posted by unkated
(Typical) English Longbow (ca. 1300) shooting 58 gm arrow
600 fps
Dmg: 2
Pen: 1-Nil
Speed is far too high. With a 900 grain (58.3 gram) arrow from a 120-pound draw longbow, velocity will be around 175 fps. Damage using the Infantry Weapons of the World formula will be 0.44. The highest velocity I've seen for a reproduction bow is from an experiment with Turkish bows, where a 125-pound draw composite bow with a 13 gram arrow hit 357 feet per second; this bow would be Dam 0.42. The gun formula does not work for bows.
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