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Originally Posted by The Dark View Post
Using this with the World Tamer's Handbook bow construction rules, a 1.8m wooden bow becomes Dam 4, and a 1.5m composite steel bow (which requires Str 10) is Dam 6.

I don't think I'd use the range modifiers, because the ranges are already pretty long (30 meters for the wood bow and 50 meters for the composite steel). Adding modifiers will make them outrange rifles; to me, that's undesirable. Of course, as always, each campaign can judge for itself.
I'm looking at the copy I bought from DriveThru now. Between the museums and pattern rooms and the primative and BP shooting clubs, my "Home Front" notes are going to get more stuff. Liberty Missouri has a "suttler" store with pictures of some clubs, including a German one that bought some of their partisan shirts. Bows backed by BP revolvers could give a nasty shock to a brigand band.
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