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Originally Posted by tsofian View Post
The the little base I proposed, and some of the others being talked about the recently I think a series of rings, with different functions in the rings will suffice. each ring is 1600 feet in diameter, as that is the turning radius of a Tunnel Boring Machine.
I am just wondering where you got your 1600 foot turning radius. I have seem specs on Robbins TBMs and they can turn much tighter than that. One that I have read the report on has a 4.62m (15ft) boring diameter has a 105m (344') turning radius. A similar CTS TBM that has a 4.58m (15ft) tunnel diameter has a turning radius of 61m (200ft). Even if the turning radius grow faster than the diameter of the tunnel, I have a hard time envisioning the turning radius being 5 time greater when the tunnel diameter is just doubled.
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