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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
That dovetails nicely with the Tech Levels I've been using; I used Tech 3 for the Civil War weapons I developed, and Tech 3 minus a little Fudge for Revolutionary War Weapons or Napoleonic weapons.
According to Fire Fusion & Steel, TL-2 is 1600 and TL-3 is 1800, but each tech level slowly blends into the next. It's not like December 31, 1899 is TL-3 and January 1, 1900 everything becomes TL-4. The World Tamer's Handbook adds the concept of TL-2M and TL-3M, where the M is for mature tech levels - the example it uses is that brass cartridges, percussion caps, and rifled artillery are TL-3M, while the flint lock is TL-2M. To me, the English Civil War is TL-2, the American Revolution is on the cusp between TL-2M and TL-3, the Napoleonic Wars are TL-3, the American Civil War is TL-3M, and the Spanish-American War to World War 1 is TL-4. The Spanish Civil War is the first thing I've looked at that would be TL-5 (but with a lot of leftover TL-4 equipment).
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