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Hey Chalkie,
Some minor corrections to your weapons list.

The Sterling SMG was not in general use, the suppressed version, the L34A1, was used by SASR. They also used a few variants of the MP5 series SMGs.
Other units used the F1 SMG. I am unaware of any units using the Sterling in its standard L2 variant.
Depending on your start time for an Australian version of the Project, then the Owen Gun could still be in armouries (it was still on issue in the 1960s and was in war reserve in the 1970s).

And while mentioning the war reserve, there were thousands of .303 SMLEs in storage until the late 1980s.
If you're including the L1A1 SLR, then you should also add the L2A1 Automatic Rifle version and also the M16A1, M16A1 with M203, the M60 GPMG and M79 (all of simliar vintage). And you should also add the 7.62mm version of the Bren Gun, the only one I know from personal experience was the L4A2 but there could have been other variants in Aussie service.
The Australian military were also using .38 revolvers into the mid-1980s although I would have to check some books to find out if they were Colts or Smith & Wessons.

Again, depending on your timeline, the HK416, HK417 and Maximi didn't come into service until the 21st century. Some units also had SR-25 marksman's rifles by the late 1990s (they were fielded in East Timor).
And if you want a little exotica for the military, the Army's OpFor training group had a number of AKMs and RPDs.
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