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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
Oh yes indeed! It frustrates me these days where many of the new players I talk to have no desire to read and understand the rules yet moan that without a total write-up of their character archetype, they don't know what their 'role' is or how to "properly play" their PC.
Tell me about it. I had one player, who is the wife of one of my other players, who fit this very well. She rolled up a great character and every managed to have psionics. This is fine in my world since I have a place for it. She had a concept, but asked me to write the backstory. So I did and she still seemed lost and asking what she could do. It's frustrating. They are so wound up in their min/max vertical character class world that they are lost in a class-less system like MP. Even when you tell they you can try anything, you might just suck at it they seem lost.
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