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On a somewhat related note, some of the people behind Leading Edge Games (which shut it's doors a few decades ago), i.e. the ones who published Phoenix Command, Living Steel, Aliens, Terminator, Lawnmower Man and Dracula (all based on the Phoenix Command system) are working on new products for Living Steel.

There have been a few delays due to real life, but work now proceeds at an accelerated rate. Here is the state of the current writing:

First draft sits at 60k words
Detailed outline for an additional 120k words
Rough outline for an additional 600-800k words
We have supporting material for story arcs beyond those outlined.

As mentioned before the original timeline from LS/DSR has been compressed to better support the novel format. Several other mechanisms have also changed as a result, although most other events and story elements remain the same.

Also, we're hoping to get something going with (generously donated by Akos!) this year, although what the actual content will be has yet to be decided. If you have thoughts on what you'd like to see we'd be happy to hear them!
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