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Originally Posted by EvilvonScary View Post
Seems like almost everyone Ive thought of as keeping T2K alive (new module/source book writers, Paul M, this place, etc) were completely cut out of the process for version 4. Sure I get business is business but when it comes to RPGs etc its a very niche market and niche products need to be engaged with its community. Not feeling that engagement at all. Heck kick-starter (etal) campaigns give more information to the public than what were getting.
I agree with you completely - Paul, myself and Raellus have a very public presence out there and could have been easily contacted - and you would think they would be looking for writers - especially with so many of the original canon writers no longer active. And Paul's site is literally a gold mine for anyone who writes for the game - heck I cited it in my module as a way to avoid having to take a bunch of pages to detail out vehicles and equipment that he has already taken great pains to do so.
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