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Default Places for caches

Caches are an integral part of MP. Each cache should be as unique as possible because nothing says 'uninspired' as a concrete box in a field. However, it is difficult to come up with interesting on the fly so lets put a few ideas out here.

You should work out how exposed and how tampered with the cache is. For example a very exposed site might be under the statue of a new town. Tampered sites might not be breached but rather attempted breaches a few times. They might be booby trapped or set to send a signal when approached.

Okay, here's a few;

1: In the embankment under a bridge. The door is a steel plate.
- The bridge may have collapsed
- The door may have rusted shut or have serious amounts of debris against it
- There may be a trip flare attached to the debris or similar

2: A fake stormwater tunnel. There is a door at the end of the tunnel
- Something lives in the tunnel. Something big.
- Corpses are strewn about the tunnel. One of the corpses has a Morrow Project ID. There is no clue to what killed them.

3: In a field. The classic 'fridge in a field'
- A 150 year old dead and stripped M1A2 tank sits on top of the cache and the treads/road wheels have sunk into the ground. Several other military wrecks are in the area.
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