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Yeah, it's not something for a Recon team, at all.

I'd be interested if you could provide a link to the study reporting "gasoline can be stored indefinitely if proper procedures are used to keep it from oxidizing". That would be very interesting for planning other groups in the campaign, such as the Frozen Chosen, etc.

For example, is that stored as fuel for motor vehicles, or "just" useful for a flamethrower? I imagine that removing ethanol would extend storage life (av gas, racing fuel and boat fuel are alcohol-free); adding naptha and other lightweight hydrocarbons might also help (that's how "Sea Foam" fuel treatment works). Storing in a cool location is a definite requirement.

Not all of the "stale" fuel problems are oxidation; there are other decomposition issues. No commercial "fuel stabilizer" I'm aware of guarantees stability for decades, let alone 150 years.

Michael B.
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