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Originally Posted by Project_Sardonicus View Post
If the project has the advanced medical facilities decades ahead of contemporary science, then maybe medical screening is more about what can be fixed? Then what would exclude?

Everything from curing diabetes to replacing diseased organs with cloned ones. And bringing each member up to the highest possible level of fitness.
With the exception of the nanotech-based universal antibody-antidote, TMP does not have that remarkable of medical technology. Sure the medbed is remarkable in that it can become a sterile surgical area, monitors life signs, administer medications and place someone into cryosleep, but all that is a far cry from miraculously curing diseases. The Trauma Treatment Unit, which is available from Delta Base, will save your life 40% of the time with significant scaring, 40% of the time with some significant loss of function, 10% by amputating extremities and leaving you crippled and 10% of the time is fails completely. There is no evidence in published material that TMP medical science is significantly more advanced than early 21st century medicine.
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