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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
Yep, that's it. although haven't a clue how you spell it. I think in Czech it's similar but the other way around, i.e. dobre den.

Poles also say "chest" (that is definitely not how you spell it!) which is more informal, like "Hi"

I think dobre equates to "good", so "chin dobre" is "good day". The way the Poles use dobre on its own is probably similar to "alles gut" in German or "c'est bon" in French. I think!
You thinks right rainbow

Djin Dobre literally means day-good or Good Day in English .And G`Day in the other English .The word for day is more varied like Djien in Polish,dan in Serb etc .

Dobre ,Dobro,Dobra etc all have different meaning in the context and the languages used ,but pretty much it means "good " in all slavic languages ,Russian ,Srepski-Hvratski-Bosniacki ,Chzech,Polish etc .
It can also mean "beautiful" -like the Serb sentence "ti si dobre" -you are beautiful ,a useful closing argument

many Slavic languages use the word BOG for God .

Also I have found out that the word Trava means grass in many languages.If you play soccer you will appreciate the need for good grass to get a game going.

Voda pretty much means water all over and Pivo beer.
Nastravije -usually cheers but literally "health" - as in to your health .

So there you have it - now you can ask for a good spot to play soccer,order a beer,propose a toast ,smooth talk the ladies and thank God for your successes later.

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