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About that subject I'll agree with many of you (Marc among them). Keep the sentences simple, shout, and use slang when you know it (strangely that's what you know first in any language). After all the F word is used as a comma in most American college.

About the accent, the cinema will provide you with a large array of accents that are all wrong anyway.

About the translation asked first "Oh my god don't press that button" I would not translate it really but use something else.

In French: I'll say "Putain! touche pas!!" if you want to add some flavor "Putain! Touche pas connard!!" or (more complicated) "Putain! Dégage tu vas tout faire péter!" Hey people, there is very little chance that a french will refer to god and as a result that translate more as "Shit! Noooo!".

In Russian: I'll use "Niet, Niet, Eta nie arasho!" or (if the guy is a good comrade) "Niet, Niet, Tavarich! Eta nie arasho!". For the second russian sentence the translation will be "No! No! comrade! it's no good!".

Thanks for the other one you gave, I didn't know them.

I'm not really speaking Russian but I know the alphabet (that helps) and some of the basics. 1 semester of Russian taken in the US and 1 in France. I have a problem so as I often mix Russian with Portuguese. Then, I might get back to a Russian course in January and I might be of more help after that. If I go through the Russian I'll continue with Japanese but that is long term.
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