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Originally Posted by Targan View Post
That's very cool. At the last Perth Royal Show I attended I hung around a working display of steam engines and steam-powered antique farm machinery for ages. My poor wife had to humour me. They had a bunch of stapled leather belts running from fly wheels, providing motive power to all manner of old wrought iron machines. It was fascinating to watch.
Every May, August, and October, Portersville, PA, hosts a steam show where a spectrum of machines, engines, tractors, etc, are displayed and demonstrated. Portersville is located about 35-40 miles north of Pittsburgh up I-79. The site has a permanent structure housing the local club's apparatus.

There is also another Steam Engine club in western NY near Batavia.
Several other locales have steam hobbyists who would become either god-like in their ability to provide power or would be hunted down and enslaved for the same reason.
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