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In many of the games I have played, there has always been a second Prime Base. This was an identical setup as the original, however everyone was in deep sleep. It has been located (depending on game) in Kansas, North Carolina, Saskatchawan, or Maine.

When Prime Base realized they were going to die, they sent the "wake call" to PB2. With a full description of what had happened, a full data dump for the PB2 computers, and, basically, a last message. "Good luck, God bless, you are on your own."

In the Kansas game, the "wake up" message did not get through. I was part of a Recon/Frozen Watch team that woke in the "canon" time frame of Big Bang +150. The commander of the Recon portion of the team had a vector to PB2.

When the game ended (PBEM is very difficult.) We had found the base, got the sleepers awake, and were scouting the area for first contact/local conditions for deployment of Morrow Air Force.

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