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Originally Posted by mikeo80 View Post
I have no real problem one way or another. I can see the need for more people to man the various posts at PB. Then you need more living space. As we have said here, there are some things that are missing from PB that should have been there. There are some things at PB that should NOT have been there. (Esp U-235 or PU-239 in the basement????)

One way I could see this happening....

The extra cylinder (s?) are there...Need a button pushed from the Commander of PB...,.OPEN SESAME!!!!

Could also be more storage?? Could be more teams in Deep Sleep?? I mean come on, the only external team is Phoenix????

BTW, I DO NOT believe in the Phoenix team concept...They are not there in MY version of PB. A couple of Recon Teams, a MARS team and a Science team are all resonable IMHO.

My $0.02

Got to agree about the radioactive sludge...I'd rather have a facility to recharge the fusion engines.

The good thing about the fourth cylinder is that it would give you extra teams, a MARS team for certain, 5-6 Recon Teams just to help control/patrol the local area. Another farm, extra storage for critical items (all though I simply add a short tunnel extension off the mission annex) could go into the extra cylinder. Hmmmm, ever seen a map of the Malinta tunnels on Corrigador? Might even be a better idea than the one long tunnel concept.

Then there is Phoenix....

I'm of two minds about Phoenix. From one point of view, they make sense, a final protection of the Project or a means of "controlling" a rogue team. But isn't that part of the duties of a MARS Team? But Phoenix always was opitional...your mileage may vary.
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