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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
Flame Away!
Not from me. In fact I'll put up a pair of flame retardant long johns for you.

I said the same basic thing in my previous post.

Once PB started operations, a recon of the area WAS in order. No problem there. Yes there are people suffering and dying....

To quote that great American Philosopher, Homer Simpson, "D'oh!!!!"

THIS IS PRIME BASE!! You do not have ANY true recon teams on board. At most, some Recon experience. Same with the helicopter rescue attempt. In RL, we saw just how DAMNED difficult that particular op can be.

(Here I will refer you to Desert One, the Iran rescue mission, and Mogadishu, and the offing of Bin Laden)

IF we follow canon time line, Big Bang is 1987, PB comes up to full on line status say early - mid 1991. If the MARS leader had any sense, even faced with Morrow captives, he would have referred the Base Commander to the nightmare of Desert One in Iran. MIND you, Desert One was attempted by troops who TRAINED for this kind of op. And they still FUBAR'ed

Now to get back on point. The Morrow commander, had he lived, should have been shot for extreme negligence. AS far as he knows, he IS TMP. (There may or may not be a PB2) He has to organize and implement the most dangerous, complicated, long term recovery mission in the history of the WORLD. Simple survival would dictate you do not bring trouble to your own doorstep!!

Let me get off of my soap box for now! Enough of my ranting and raving.

My $0.02

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