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Default TW 2000 vs. TW 2013 burst fire rules

I was wondering what you thought about the burst rules for both systems? Both are quite different.

Twilight 2000 uses 1d6 for every bullet in a burst with a 6 being a hit. Burst volume can be quite high, emptying a clip in a turn not an issue. Bursts are modified by range and recoil. There is a danger zone to either side of the burst with missed dice being rerolled.

Twilight 2013, bursts give you a +1 bonus per extra bullet fired. The extra bullets have a 50% of hitting the same target. There is a rule for sustained fire giving the shooter an attack of opportunity.

Which one do you think is better?

Which one do you think replicates reality the best?

Why do you think the author choose his method?

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