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Originally Posted by Cdnwolf View Post
Yes, Targan, tell us about these rules.

V2.2 (which I am running) has a confusing burst rule... if i get it right someone firing all five burst in one turn with an AKM (recoil 7) has to take (35 minus your strength) dice loss per burst... so someone with a strength of 8 would have to lose 27 dice when only firing 25... even at short range that brings it down to only 5 dice out of 25 hitting (minimum 1 dice rule)

Plus all automatic weapons are fired at the impossible difficulty level (.25) so even with a skill of 8 and a strength of 8 (total skill 16/4) would mean they would hit on a 4 or less ... almost impossible... and unrealistic
I like the 2.2 burst rules. If you look at statistics for number of rounds fired vs. hits obtained in combat, I think you will find out that hitting someone with autofire in T2K v2.2 is probably way too easy. I have seen stats indicating that it takes about 250,000 round to kill one insurgent in Iraq.

Now, there is a vast difference in the intensity of fire in T2K vs. a stand-up war like Iraq, where many rounds would be fired to suppress the enemy. However, most studies suggest that autofire is pretty damn ineffective in scoring hits on the enemy when the number of rounds fired is examined.
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