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Originally Posted by Targan
I've had countless instances of PvP in other games I have run, especially in my last Gunmaster Cyberpunk 2020 campaign but PvP hasn't really been an issue in my Gunmaster T2K campaign. There have been a few minor incidents and certainly PCs have considered acting against each other but since Major Po has been in charge there has been virtually none of that. I think it is due to naked fear of Po.
Yes, I've had quite a bit of intraparty tension in my campaign as well. A little adds some interesting dynamics but I've found that too much drama starts dragging players down. Some players don't seem to realize that, in many ways, T2K is a team game.

Yes, Boogie, that's the sort of thing I was thinking about. Free City of Krakow would make a good PvP setting as well- CIA, DIA, KGB, GRU, Mossad, ORMO, Marauders... it almost makes one's head spin.
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