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Thanks for the info, SSC. I've never visited Malbork castle (although I hope to remedy that someday) and sources on the internet are both sparse on detail and/or vague. I didn't find the blog you linked to (although I wish I had) when I was researching the castle. I also encountered translation issues, as different websites often used different nomenclature when identifying certain parts of the castle complex. This made cross-checking sources a pain in the rear. Consequently, my earlier draft of Rook's Gambit included some inaccurate descriptions of castle features.

A friend visited the castle and sent me a cutaway diagram which helped me add some detail and correct my mistakes for the current edition.

IIRC, my drafts did include some mention of the cellars (in particular, the kitchens beneath the Knight's Hall) but, for some reason that I can't recall, they were omitted from later versions. I think it's because any mention I saw of the cellars said that the majority were originally used for storage and were now unused. I wasn't aware that some/most of the cellars had multiple entrances/exits.

I will do some more research and see about adding mention of the cellars back in, being that, as you mentioned, they could be used to sneak about the castle grounds a bit. The nice thing about DTRPG is that products can be updated and customers receive the option to download the updated version at no additional charge. Thanks again for the info. If you find your pics and learn any more about the cellars, please let me know.

P.S. I don't know if the blog images you linked are fair use but I suspect not. I poured over everything Google labels for reuse and didn't see any of those.
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