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Originally Posted by antimedic View Post
Was Warsaw the longest siege of the war in Europe?
Yes. Its the one most prominently mentioned in canon. The other contender would be Berlin (described as like a second Stalingrad in Black Madonna), but the Pact couldn't besiege the city, secure the local area against a hostile local population and fight off NATO simultaneously. Krakow, Lodz and Poznan are all too intact to have suffered an extended siege.

Actually, given the (relatively) low NATO troop density and extended NATO supply lines I was trying to figure out why it took the Pact over 2 months of tactical nuclear warfare to lift the siege of Warsaw (first nuc July 9, siege lifted September 15). Its about 120 miles from Brest to Warsaw, an average of under two miles a day. You would think that any time a NATO unit set up a strong blocking position the Soviets would drop a nuc on it, and if the NATO troops dispersed enough to make that ineffective they are left vulnerable to infiltration. NATO wasn't that efficient in hunting down delivery systems (see ODS Scud hunting!) Part of the reason I ended the document where I did was because I couldn't/didn't want to figure out the tactical/operational nuclear exchange.
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