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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee
I'd go with the thought that uniforms are way easier to manufacture than weapons, and at least those would change over. Since the soldiers would need to be at least partly re-trained anyway, it would make it easy to keep them out of the line and re-equipped ASAP.
Why would they need re-training? The jargon and doctrine has got to be way different, and the intel guys are going to want to debrief at least the officers and vet them for loyalty. I'm sort of surprised that they divisions weren't broken up and new, integrated, ones formed. Say, using the WG reserve brigades as cadre while the EG leaders are worked over.
Well at the time in v1 background, the Germans were fighting the Pact forces and needed everyone in the field regardless of their background. Now in real life this is basically what happen. With anyone the rank of Colonel or higher given their walking papers as they were debriefed.

The simple answer why the Division weren't broken up, is no matter what, these units had trained together. You don't want to totally alienated them, since most of the command structure I am sure during the opening hours/days was change for a variety of reason anyway, regardless if they were fighting the same enemy or not.
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