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Default Morrow Project Uniforms

I have come up with ideas for Morrow Project uniforms...

The MP field uniforms. instead of coveralls I would suggest something along the lines of the WW2 British Battle Dress Uniform... They would work as both combat uniform and the semi-formal service uniform.

the field uniform would be a dark khaki waist-length resistweave jacket, a pair of dark khaki resistweave trousers, a pair of brown leather combat boots, light khaki gartiers (to provide protection to the lower legs from snakebites, a light tan shirt, a tan tie, a set of light tan underwear (a resistweave tee-shirt and boxer breif style compression shorts for males; a resistweave tee-shirt, sports bra, thong panties and compression shorts for females), a pair of tan or brown cushsion soled socks.

Informal dress would be a pair of business style khakis; a khaki shirt (long or short-sleeved), a pair of khaki shorts or trousers, a pair of tan socks, a pair of brown leather shoes or ankle boots.

the Morrow Project berets... I had an idea for the beret having color codes that go in acordance with the kind of team or speciality the wearer is part of.

Light Green
Dark Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Orange: Orange berets and uniforms are worn by personnel assiged to permenant bases as we saw in the Prime Base module.

Dark Grey: Special Purpose teams wear a dark grey beret... these are the Pheonx team wash-outs.. They would be used as regional special services where the pheonix team is a national resource that only answers to Bruce E. Morrow.

Light Grey: The Pheonix team personnel wear a light grey resistweave uniform, inculding the fact that their beret is light grey.
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