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Default G-3

Or AG-3 as we call it -AutomatGevær-3 .

It is a sturdy,accurate and reliable piece of gun .Heavyer than carbines,only 20 round mag etc etc .

But still - us Norgies have had it since the late 60s and used from the Polar Circle to the Bekaa Valley.

We now use the HK 416 which is like an M4 with a piston system - only better than an M4 -

I havent quite decided yet which one I favour -but the AG-3 is definently a good battle rifle.

I see many have the SLR as primo arma. I cant argue with that choice either -proven and re-proven .

I think many tend to choose whatever they are most familiar with though.Stick with what you know in a way .

As for use in game terms , the battle rifle is very useful if you have good STR and AG .If not , the recoil builds up to fast for efficient use imho.

Still in game terms - if you get them with the 7,62x51 you get them good. The 5.56 you might get them straight off - but maybe not .
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