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Default Far From Home - Chapter One

Once more the REMF screwed us over.

We were standing on the wooded hill overlooking the Danube river and in the distance still standing proudly was the bridge we were ordered to destroy.

The problem was that they gave us a case of pre-war surplus C-4 and a dozen old 155 mm shells and told to work our magic. Work our magic we did... and I could just make out the 10 m crater and two broken support columns that now littered the main part of the bridge.

What I also could see was the hundreds of Russian soldiers scrambling to repair the damage in record time.

"Ummm Lt!"

"Yes.. the what heck is it now?"

"Lt, don't look now but that looks like a tractor full of troops heading our way!!"

Damnit... we were Far from Home and had a long way to go.

"Get your gear and lets get out of here!!"
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