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Exclamation smart sollution

copy from thread in main T2K chamber

-fake passports
-"silent" boots - special soles etc
-ultra- low weight rope
-low weight personal armor
-bear mace,dog mace
-dark knifes (no shiny blades)
-"silent killing stuff" garotte etc.......................a lead piano is not in this category - even if it would be quite deadly
-poison various
-hitech communication equipment
-keygun (automatic keyopener)
-thumbprint-handprint-retina-scan mobile hacking unit
-silenced weapons (should possibly be a seperate thread)
-climbing gear
-fake fingerprint collection
-police scanner/radio
-autoinjectors with battlestimulants(retaline,amphetamin etc
-small portable blowtorch
-smoke-machine (or cigar) to see laserbeams
-equipment bags,cases,suitcases - with suitable camo-pattern
-camo-sticks for face-hands or weapons
-mobile voice-changer unit
-scrambled SAT-phone
-electronic repaire/modify equipment
-fake badges (CIA,FBI,LAPD,NYFD etc etc)
-disguise kit(s)
-battle-military computer (waterproof etc)

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.................................................. ............................................
Exploding messages/taps/videos after 30 seconds....? - haven
Paracord, -TiggerCCW
Cayalume sticks.
Multitools/swiss army knives,
Parabolic mikes,
Bugs and radio direction beacons .
Silly string can be useful for finding tripwires as well
Miniature cameras. - Nowhereman66
If film based, a developer's kit or if digital, a small, handheld picture viewer around the size of a PDA
Mini Blowtorch <they are the size of a pen> - Jester
Mini Scanner, the size of a cellphone you run it over a column of text and it scans it.
Pinhole Cameras, used by swat and intel agencies, often they are bored through a ball into a room where badguys or intel assets are to spy.
Sonic Disruptor, the ones that send out ultra high frequencies that break glass, or send dogs packing.
Light Disruptor, similiar except it makes the person it is aimed at drop to their knees and usualy causes nausea. <Modify this into something like a strobe light to be used as a flashbang>
Sting Bombs <a good diversonary tool>
Small concentrated smoke bomb, clear a building with a fake fire
Thermal Absorbing clothing, reducing your thermal image.
Thermal Glasses
Knockout Drops
Pengun, small caliber gun that looks like a pen
Penteargas gun
Pendartgun, it shoots a springloaded or compressed ait dart either poison or knockout or exploding projectile.
Pack of cigarettes with any of the features of above
Pen/Cigarettes/Cigars with concentrated explosive. Think of a funny cigar with a bigger punch. Light it like a normal cigar/cigarette and you have X amount of time before it blows.

Polymer knives and guns used to get past metal detectors.
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