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Default solar powered

equiptment for recharging different stuff, like iphone with "state of the art" battery (see: "not original").

Ofcourse this is some of the stuff mao would put money in

end of 2009=3times the battery power, that=15hours of movie watching on an iphone(if thats what u use it for)...

and soon more, according to researchers (always leave them wanting more)
(the battery charging "matt" is really cool, and is ofcourse strategically placed around maos home)

portable hdd(16gb),
intercom (maybe refined by a third company)

and maybe more, and i have enough money and coding ability...and as it is even wifi on the fucker, so hook up a portable projector, the small cigarett kind, but better and a roll together keyboard... ...and you got a limited computer system, well good enough for some codebreaking "Terminator-2" style, and some doors, elevators, mental intitutions, the local police district, nsa and all other small stuff

(my character is a computer geek, so score is pretty high)...
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