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Honestly, in the type of war where the USSR targeted oil fields for their future value, NTC Orlando should probably have been a target as well. It was the only Recruit Training Command for enlisted women, and had the Nuclear Field "A" School, doing basic nuclear training and rate training for Machinist's Mates, Electronics Technicians, and Electrician's Mates. After BRAC, the last command to remain was Nuclear Power Training Command, which stayed until 1998, so even the wildest T2K timeline should still have it there during the first nuclear exchanges. Until 1988 they also had the Naval Training Device Center, which managed all the Navy's simulator systems.

Striking NTC Orlando would eliminate the training facilities for:
All female enlisted Navy personnel
Many male enlisted Navy personnel
All enlisted personnel for the Submarine Service
Most engineering personnel for nuclear-powered surface combatants
All junior Submarine Warfare Officers
Many Surface Warfare Officers for nuclear-powered surface combatants
Naval Aviators tagged to become carrier XOs and COs

Sure, facilities can be replaced, but depending on the timeline, it also disables/eliminates the group responsible for the training devices that would be needed to set up a new training facility (and even if they had moved, it was less than 10 miles away to the Research Park at UCF). It hits at the logistics of replacing losses, which in my mind fits with the war of attrition that the T2K background posits. It's not on the list of place that got swatted with a 500kT or bigger warhead, but it should have gotten some coverage (especially since Martin had tons of materiel in Orlando - up to 1.4 million pounds of missiles and component parts at the Remote Area in the 90s, including 500 Patriot missiles, along with Hellfires and Copperheads).
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