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Originally Posted by Grimace View Post
I won't put directly contradictory material in the same issue, and I'll do my best not to put contradictory material in back-to-back issues either.
For myself, I don't see this as any sort of problem. I actually think that having two articles about the same topic but with different points of view can be more enlightening than having them spaced several issues apart.
Having the two articles in the same issue just opens up more food for thought and the editor (i.e. in this case Grimace) can but a small Editor's Note at the start of the second articles saying that e.g "For a different perspective on the same topic we have the following article..."

Personally, I like to see the different sides being argued and putting two or more articles into one issue or over the following issues isn't so much 'contradictory' for me as much as it is 'more exposure to different ideas' (if that makes any sense).
Just some thoughts.
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