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Some more Naval Reserve aviation unit info. Why am I still working on this two years and four months after starting? No idea at all really, other than sometimes material comes up that feels like it should be here.

Corrections to Duty Stations and Aircraft Type, US Navy Reserve Squadrons called to Active Duty 1961-1962
From Appendix 14, Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons Volume 2
Naval Aeronautical Organization Notice 1/1/61

VP-661: Howard Air Force Base, Panama (P2V-5F)
VP-721: NAS Quonset Point (P2V-6)
VP-791: NAS Norfolk (P2V-5FS)
VP-811: NAS Brunswick (P2V-4)
VP-831: NAS Patuxent River (P2V-5F/P2V-5FS)
VP-832: NAS New York (P2V-5F)
VP-872: NAS Barber's Point
VP-883: NAS Chincoteague (P2V-6)
VP-911: NAS South Weymouth (P2V-5F/P2V-6)
VP-933: NAS Willow Grove (P2V-5F)

VA-672: AD-5 Skyraider
VA-891: AD Skyraider

USNR Units Equipped with tactical nuclear Low Altitude Bombing System aircraft
Naval Aeronautical Organization Notice 1/1/61

NAS Glenview
VMA-543: F9F-8B
VMA-611: F9F-8B**

NAS Los Alamitos
VMF-134: F9F-8B

NAS New Orleans
VA-821: F9F-8B
VA-822: F9F-8B
VMA-143: F9F-8B**

NAS New York
VA-831: FJ-4B

NAS Olathe
VA-881: F9F-8B
VA-882: F9F-8B**

USNR/USMCR Fighter Squadrons and AD-5 Skyraider Attack Squadrons
Naval Aeronautical Organization Notice 1/1/61

NAS Dallas
VF-701: FJ-3M*
VF-702: FJ-4*
VMF-111: FJ-3*
VMF-413: F11F-1**

NAS Glenview
VF-725: F9F-8

NAS Grosse Ile
VA-731: AD-5/AD-5N

NAS Minneapolis
VMA-213: AD-5

NAS Memphis
VF-791: FJ-4
VF-792: FJ-4**
VMF-124: FJ-4
VMF-221: FJ-4**

NAS New York
VMF-313: FJ-3M/FJ-3
VMF-131: FJ-4**

NAS Oakland
VF-873: F2H-3/4
VF-876: F2H-3/4
VF-879: F11F-1**

NAS Olathe
VMF-113: F11F-1**
VMF-215: F9F-8

NAS South Weymouth
VMA-322: FJ-3

NAS Willow Grove
VF-931: FJ-3

Training Squadrons with Fighter Aircraft for Transition Training
Naval Aeronautical Organization Notice 1/1/61

NAAS Chase Field, TX
VT-24: 21 F9F-8B
VT-25: 21 F9F-8B
VT-26: 32 F11F

NAS Glynco, GA
CIC School: 40 FJ-4

NAAS Kingsville, GA
VT-21: 22 F9F-8B
VT-22: 21 F9F-8B
VT-23: 36 F11F

*=Not specifically listed, conjecture
**=Drawn from available aircraft in Naval Air Training Command

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