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OK, I gotta reply.

1.Degrades over time until it goes Boom. See Beirut 2020.

2. Sounds reasonable.

3. Batteries and electronics not protected long term. Gonna be crap. Of course given it is from Amazon that basically is what you get. Thousands of copies of the entire series of Gilligan's Island on DVD.

4. Possibly but those blades are VERY long. They were quite the obstacle around here about a decade ago as they were trucked about. Think connected at the truck and three trailers length the tips were mounted to a trailer buggy. I figure about 100 feet long. I am no expert but I think the average rail car was no where near that long. BUT I know older passenger cars were very long so on dedicated rail cars passing through areas with very gentle curves may work. But, one tight curve and it all goes to hell.

5. Now you are thinking. Maybe very special archive paper to justify the cost of the method of sealing the paper reams. We are not talking a whole container of Staples cheapo copy paper. I think that would deteriorate as fast as food stuffs.
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