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Consider the possibility of 3D printing a Metalstorm arrangement firing Gyrojet-like rounds to keep the barrel pressure down ... that should, if possible, keep the recoil down and some smart design and programming could make it more viable.

Of course, what's really scary is a scenario I thought up as a 'press release' of background news for one of the Campaign Books in Road to Armageddon ... terrorists seizing and UPS/FEDEX etc. Drone Delivery facilities when they get up and running, loading the drones with tailored software *and* munitions (HE/Frag, Napalm or, if really nasty, something like Mustard Gas or even Nerve Gas) and doing a swarm attack on a nearby (for some values of 'nearby' which means 'within one way drone range') public gathering or crowded public place.

Take several such facilities in major US (and, depending on when it happens) other major world cities simultaneously ... you could probably only get away with it once, but it could be potentially devastating if you could pull it off ... mini Pearl Harbours all over the US, and all over the Globe!

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