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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
The only problem I've ever run into with 2.x character generation is choosing the career for each term.
Yes that's what the spreadsheet helps with if you have an idea of what you want your character to have reasonable Assets in - by cross-referencing it's easier to have an idea what careers might work well for a given skill build.

As an example, I want to build a character with a good Mechanic asset to leverage a high STR Attribute. I note that Mechanic is only available from a Technical education and not as a Background, Secondary Activity or Basic Training. It's accessible via the Support Arm, but also through Armor (both enlisted and officer), Aviation (Mechanic/Enlisted), and Military Intelligence (Enlisted). From a Civilian career perpsective, it's available from Mechanic but also Farmer, Factory Worker and Truck Driver. This quickly helps me to consider which careers might work well for the concept I'm building and allows me to check other skill availability for a second or third main focus.

And yes the worksheet is a great concept as it offsets some of the disorganisation of the rulebook, surprising more games don't use one actually, particularly those with complex character generation.
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