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The worksheet is great true, more games should have this seems so obvious.

The parts I find difficult (perhaps compared to my experience with more modern designed RPGs):

* There's no suggestion of creating a "Concept" initially - maybe this is due to the randomisation aspects but it seems like an omission to me and would be a useful optional approach to complement the "allocation" method. This was an issue for me when working out the pregenerated characters.

* The random "War Breaks Out" mechanic limiting the number of "Terms" leading to potential party imbalance - I'd like an option of setting the number of terms +/-1 for a beginning party as Terms are roughly equivalent to levels, correlate with starting gear and there's minimal negative offset for Terms until about 6th Term (risk of STR loss from aging) although AGL loss can kick in from 4th Term onwards. It's unlikely given the probability spread and most characters average out at 2-4 Terms but there is the chance of a party with a 1st Term character and a 6th Term character leading to imbalance and potential conflict unless handled well.

* The Careers section and skills being in a separate chapter and the layout being text rather than tables - I found myself flipping back and forth a lot even with the worksheet and think the summary / introduction including the mechanic for Promotions could be in the main character creation section. Most of the "Officer" careers just add the NCO skills +/- a few other CHR based skills at the expense of a few of the enlisted equivalent skills.

There's also no fully worked out character as an example - I find this useful in most games I've read and played, so I think a written out example interspersed through the text for the one character would be great especially for new players.
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