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Originally Posted by therantingsavant View Post
Hmmm yeah that could be.

Can anyone confirm the DriveThruRPG PDF has the additional characters included or where I could find them - I already have the V2.2 PDF and both the 1st and 2nd edition FFE CD-ROMs as difficult to access the print products.

(Also easier to write posts and articles from the OCR text scans by searching and pasting quotes when needed from the original text)
I didn't buy my pdf from DriveThru, I bought the CD-ROM from Far Future many years ago but considering that the DriveThru 2.2 pdf is sourced from Far Future then it's likely that they are one and the same - so, the DriveThru 2.2 pdf likely has no character creation examples.

I vaguely recall that when Far Future was trying to compile all the material on pdf, they didn't have hardcopies of their own to scan so they asked fans if they would be able to assist. While that could be seen as a reason they weren't included I'm pretty sure that 2.2 just didn't have them at all.
I'll drag out my dead tree version of 2.2 to check but as Leg mentioned, I think the creation examples were not included in that edition to save space.
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