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I have only one general comment to add, I strongly believe any T2k successor should be keeping the "Cold War gone hot" concept and presenting it as alternate history.
However the issue is one of marketing because as you said, many of the potential customers don't even know when or what the Cold War was (and the few that do, think it's "ancient" history in the same way that we think of the wars of the Greco-Roman period as ancient).
I think an easier (although I hesitate to claim it would be "better" just yet) marketing approach would be to list it as a more real-world based post-apocalypse than other post-apoc games. There are a few players out there who are tired of the zombie/mutant apocalypse games on offer because there are so damned many of them (and a number of them aren't particularly good in my opinion). An alternative to that could be a welcome addition?
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