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Originally Posted by Jason Weiser View Post
Herein lies the question? Will this product be sold?
To be clear, we should sell this. We've all spent enough time making released and unreleased gaming materials for free, some of us for decades. I envision an LLP or LLC with those that are truly "in". I work at a big firm so the legal paperwork will likely be free or paid in kind (with booze or hunting trips).

Originally Posted by Jason Weiser View Post
They came up with "Classic Battletech." Like Classic Coke, it survived where New Coke did not.

So where am I going with this? We need to make a case for "Classic T2K, by the fans, for the fans." Marc's done this before. He made Foreven Sector in Traveller a referee's preserve, for ref's to do with as they will. I am sure, with the right approach, we could get a similar outcome for Twilight: 2000.
I hear ya but there was a legal licensing agreement between WizKids (who owned FASA's IP) and FanPro, that produced Classic BT. This is similar to Marc Miller and FFE now. GDW went down, Miller and/or FFE bought/assumed/stole the rights to GDW and they are licensing some or all to Modiphius, and yes, I'm speculating here but it seems likely.

So if we want "Classic T2K", done the way we want it, and get paid for it, we'd have to:
  1. Figure out the arrangement between GDW-Miller-FFE-Modiphius
  2. Negotiate with both parties
  3. If Modiphius wants to do Classic T2K, we're screwed
  4. If FFE and Modiphius don't like Classic T2K because they are unveiling "new T2K", we're screwed
  5. Generally we're screwed unless we release Classic T2K for free under FFE fan licensing, which is subject to change at any time

That's why I'm a big proponent of T198X, cause we can do whatever we want while FFE and Modiphius do their own thing. Think Traveller v1, The Traveller Book, Mongoose Traveller and all of those divergent paths. One of those paths led to T2300 and GDW (via T2K), then to FFE and then to Modiphius. That's what I'm talking about.
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