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Make of this what you will, but Marc Miller wouldn't consider publishing new material for the established T2K lines during his negotiations with Morphius.

I have not sold the rights to my e-published T2K works and would love to see them get the treatment that I think they deserve.

I'm worried, though, that my work is in a sort of legal limbo, because it was released by Miller under the FFE banner. Despite this seemingly "official" status- and the fact that he's making money from my work- he won't add my two titles to the canon list, ostensibly because of the license transfer. What does this mean? I don't know. I haven't reached out to Morphius because I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm curious to see what his response to Legbreaker's proposal is.

My gut feeling is that, moving forward, Marc is only interested in earnings from the existing T2K back catalog, not "new", compatible material, and that the new license owner is going to take things in a different direction. In other words, they have final say on any T2K material, new or "classic" from here on out.
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