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Default Now Hear This! February 14 2009 Sessions Updates

Please re rread this thread -

it contains info on the general situation ,location of known nuke impacts ,etc etc

ALSO : re reading the updates on your own characters threads is a wise choice ( they have info on everything going on with your character and his base area- not many excuses about not understanding the situation on the ground that in hindsight made your choices suicidal and daft are acceptable after reading up on these posts.)

A few might be though .

DAMAGE RULES - more deadly,more realistic and nasty- recommended reading before the next session .

here is the homework :

dont want to read it all ? well it says that if you get hit there is a BIG chance of serious trouble :

1. critical hits .A hit from a 1D12 pistol and no body armour = 10% chance of critical hit .A hit from a 4D12 = 40% chance etc .
Critical hits may lead to death or PC ,permanent disability,loss of scores and skills etc

2. Complications : when wounded (90% of all wound types) GM rolls a D10 for EVERY wound to check for complications .These are infections,sepsis,fragments in the wound etc .All are bad and may result in death ,permanent disability,loss of scores and skills etc etc

First aid and the access to medical tratment are more important .many wounds need surgery to be set straight or else death,permanent disability ,loss of scores and skills etc may result .

in short -getting a hit -ANY hit - is potentially very nasty.

These rules have been sent out for hearings a lot of times by now , so all of you have been informed.Please be informed .

So there you are !

Hope you will enjoy the next sessions - I have taken your suggestions on realism ,death rates of PCs and the structure of the FtF session in regards to time spent on endless bickering and discussions vs time spent actually playing out a scenario seriously and changed it up a bit .

It is harder game -but I think it will be more rewarding too.
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