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Default Mental Illness in RPGs (was Games based on T2K rules...)

(thread renamed due to a focus on only one portion of the subject matter)-kato13

A lot of years ago I saw "I, madman"

and some years later I got the idea for a game called "I am madman" - the character creation is basically the same as T2K , apart from every character will recive 1 or more disorders (mental) - the amount of disorders is basically explained in the character creation a character with a lot of action seen would have more disorders than a typical desk-clerc .


Character A: Started young and entered the us army and stayed there in 30+ years ,doing loads of stealth mission , black op missions and doing drugs on the side to keep the edge off. = loads of disorders - the GM sould really give the character trouble dealing with all his personalities etc...

Character B: A computer expert (nerd) living in the basement of his parents until the age of 45. = delusions - paranoia

Character C: A military interrogater doing banned interrogations for years - knwon for his nickname "Dr. Schmerz" (german for pain) = anger managment, socially inept etc etc

Character D: An old lady living with her cats ...= violent rage, unable to communicate etc etc

this are all examples.... I guess loads more could be created.

"Adventure/game" starts with players trying to escape from a mental institution. The institution should have various security zones , so diffrent charactes are placed randomly around the institution.

Let the crazys loose...

Other Scenarios/games

- players are federal agents (cia,nsa,fbi,kgb etc)
- players are in prison (but innocent) (atleast one of them)
- players are all tourists on the same ocean liner when a pirate attack happens

...possibilities are endless my friends
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