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Default sanity points

Originally Posted by Marc
I totally agree on that point. The only possible way to introduce this kind of factors is to traduce them as a functional disadvantages in gaming terms. The GURPS system could be a good example. It's not the first time that I'm tempted to translate the GURPS advantage / disadvantage system to Twilight parameters. And not only for the reason regarding mental illness. If anyone has ever done such a translation, please, I'm very interested in the matter.

Anyway, HQ, I'm curious to know: Anyway to recover sanity points?
In short and in theory -yes .

In game terms noone have ever dared undergo medical treatment ,therapy or medicated themselves properly .Most often they hurry off to a new firefight as soon as they are up to it from being wounded in the last one .Naturally they dont improve .

Medication and cognitive therapy as well as rest ,passage of time and other forms of traditional healing process can bring back points and in mild cases leave the character symptom free or lessen severity .

But as far as characters that have gone to far over the edge it is impractical.

Years of therapy is needed and medication as well as other treatment -not easily arranged in T2K or even in a less devestated gamesetting .

So far some of the military leaders in our campaign have tried mandatory therapy on our group of PCs .They have resisted treatment very dilligently out of fear from being controlled by an NPC/other PCs psyciathrist henchmen .(Nice little paranoia going there ) .

For one most of what they would have to deal with in therapy are warcrimes,crimes against fellow playercharacters etc and treason ,meaning that noone wants to speak (they prefer having alcohol problems and doing pills alot even if they end up driving cars and shooting at the same time while mucho barracho -some characters have been lost /wounded due to this ).Secondly no one wants medication other than sleeping pills and valiums that they get themselves out of fear for what the doc is ACTUALLY giving them .Sleeping pills and valiums etc have been blackmarket goods so far in our campaign .)

You start out with a max number of ponts of initiative + intelligence
minimum 2 maximum 16.

When you reach zero the GM decides for a disorder,ususally something like

" you have to drink or else you will not be able to sleep.When you wake up you feel bad and need a drink to get the day started. Roll avg:intelligence and the result you miss the roll by is the level of intoxication penalty to all rolls.Roll again every day /period with combat to determine your state at the time .Lack of alcohol will mean you have a permanent - 2 penalty until you get it which you will gladly hurt someone to do "
The points go one by one or many at a time as pr the situation the players are in .

When you recieve a disorder your points once again replenish to max ,and start over again until they reach zero and your current situation is worsened or new disorders afflict your PC.Some long term damage like permanent loss of sanity points meaning that you have less of a drop until you get a new problem is possible.being a psycho is not so fun when it also involves having penalties on your combat rolls and the GM always telling you that people around you are threatening your position..

If they are fatigued this would mean that their number of sanity points temporarily also is lower meaning that they can get another disorder or worsen the one they have temporarily.Also a low count sanity points meaning that in and out of fatigue will make you dip in and out of illness ( psychosis maybe ?)

Anyways - the "fun game" of "I madman " had a lot of typical movie disorders were people would turn into a howling beast or believe they were back in Nam and etc .This is interesting as plot points or to flesh out character but to make player understand that the mind needs protection too and that stress disorders are a casualty maker like none other I have to hit them with the penalties.
As far as I recall 4 out of 5 player characters have problems after years of doing the same horrible,violent and life threathening stuff.5 is new -former PC KIA relatively recently in game time.

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