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Default Capt.Barry

[QUOTE=General Pain]I propose a npc contest - npc contest closed / picture class

Design your best npc from the following picture

cpt.Barry age 29
INT: 7

initiative 5.

gear: .357 S&W 5 inch barrel,,AV:1 ,Petticoat,compass

Capt Luis Barry -story :

" Capt.Luis BArry was born into a poor family as the eldest son of 7 children in Bostons poor Irish district.His father , a shoepolisher worked 19 hours a fday to support the children and his sick wife , who had a particularily rare blood desease which sapped her strength.At the age of 11 the big and strong boy -Luis Barry - was signed on as a cabin boy and assistant to his fathers cousin - the infamous Irish-American smuggler and human trafficker -Capt.Weatherstone P.Merriweather.

Sailing with Capt.Merriweather and his motley crew gave the young Luis Barry a few lessons in life and he soon became a seasoned lookout and deckhand-handy with a knife in a fight and with a good eye for shoals and reefs in the straights they ferryed their illegal cargos in .After a few years the US Coast Guard finally caught up with the smugglers and stopped their transport with a few .50 cal. rounds to the bridge .Capt.Merriweather got 20 years .The young Luis Barry was sent to a juvenile correction facility , that incidentally had a semanship program to get kids set straight.He joined and quicly excelled at everything nautical.At the age of 18 he was released and signed on as a first mate with the Greek shipping magnate Papolodopopopulos on his private yacht "Thucydides".He had a few good years on her , sending his pay home regularly.The shipping magnate took notice of this -and was touched because it reminded him of his own poor childhood.He sent the young Mr.Barry on officer schools and put him on his path for a capitancy in the Papolodopopopulos fleet. For the next 20 years First Mate and later 1. officer Barry sailed on all the worlds oceans ,before he finally got his capitancy .he now graduated to sailing all "special Cargos" for Mr.Papolodopopopulos - arms to the shah , heavy water to the Israelis , Cuban Cigars to New York ,a team of French Mercenaries to the Komore Islands,and the Bulgarian Crown Jewels from novo Budinskaye to Buenos Aires ,where they were later sold fetching an astronomical prize.After becoming a wealthy man and managing to put most of his siblings through an education and buying a small house in Florida for his father and mother for their retirement.Having done everything he wanted , he retired and opened a small yachting service in Pismo Beach .two weeks later the Twilight fell , and his yachts and skills were once agained needed by the local militia ,then by PainGov , and then by general Pain himself who hirted him for his shipping firm."

Co write HQ /gen.Pain

I hope a co write is accepted.It is not new.
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