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Recon rolls for encounters
When you come across an encounter, players get to make a passive recon check to see if they see the encounter first. There are only a few modifiers (mostly around if you are in a vehicle or the enemy is in a vehicle), so i guess the ability to find the foe first is in the characters hands. But feels a bit too simplistic.

Having found the enemy, if the characters want to close the gap/range then there is an opposed roll for the characters to close the gap to "X" range. If the character succeeds, they close the range. I'd like a bit more direction around what happens if both succeed, 2 successes v 1 success and what happens if both sides fail (or roll a 1). So i'll be working on a bit more granularity there.

Non-combat checks
My PC was walking cross country to limit the amount of encounters they might have. But this led to some interesting other "tests".
Forced march meant a stamina check.
Cross country meant a navigation check (v survival skill) with failure meaning you get lost (enter wrong hex)
Hiking in the dark meant a survival check with failure meaning no progress is made.
If walking cross country at night i wonder if you have to roll twice v survival (once for cross country, once for being night time?)
To find a place to sleep at night meant a roll v survival skill
And to top it off, i had to roll v survival so as not to get cold.

Made me think running into a heavy machine gun crew might have been quicker than taking the back roads!

Specialist skills
When making a character up, how many specialist skills do your PCs get? I think the rule book suggests one? I've given my experience sniper 3, partly to balance out my PC being on his own behind enemy lines.
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