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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Here's a weird question re Suppression: Does it ever interfere with the withdrawal of OPFOR during combat? For example, let's say, as the Ref, you decide that the OPFOR has had enough and wants to bug out, but your PCs keep shooting and the enemy can't move because, according to the rules, they're Suppressed and can't act?

Is this a potential bug, or am I missing something in the rules? Obviously, as Ref, you can handle this however you like, but I'm curious about how the rules do, or how folks who have actually Ref'd 4e have.

Seems like a feature, not a bug to me. You don't always get to break contact. Sometimes it's a turkey shoot for one side or the other.

If you need a way to explain it, well, you can call it acute stress reaction, combat stress reaction, amygdala hijack, or any number of similar terms.
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