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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Here's a weird question re Suppression: Does it ever interfere with the withdrawal of OPFOR during combat? For example, let's say, as the Ref, you decide that the OPFOR has had enough and wants to bug out, but your PCs keep shooting and the enemy can't move because, according to the rules, they're Suppressed and can't act?

Is this a potential bug, or am I missing something in the rules? Obviously, as Ref, you can handle this however you like, but I'm curious about how the rules do, or how folks who have actually Ref'd 4e have.

I haven't had this situation occur but, if it did, then the PCs will eventually get to a point where they don't want to spend the ammo to suppress the enemy.

Additionally, I'd also consider the terrain and if there is a way for the enemy to move (probably crawl) without being observed then I would have that override any suppression effects.
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